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Kobayakawa, Kiyoshi (1889 - 1948), "Glossy Black Hair"

"Glossy Black Hair" by Kobayakawa, Kiyoshi
Catalog ID A1358
Artist Kiyoshi Kobayakawa
Title Glossy Black Hair
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Women's Manners of Today, No 5 in the series.
Edition #54/100
Date 1931
Publisher The Artist
Reference No The Female Image #193; pg. 143
Size 21 x 12 -1/4 " (naga-oban tate-e)
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.

Notes: The original presentation folder is included. Limited edition seal 54/100 in lower left margin. Strong blind-stamped embossing outlining her figure and deep stipple embossing on the small towel that is draped across her lap. Stronger overall condition then example shown in, 'The Female Image'.

Signed and dated: "Showa rokunen ni gatsu" (Showa 6, (1931) 2nd month); and sealed "Kobayakawa". The title: "Kindaijisesho no uchi go Kurokami" in bottom margin.

The print was privately published - blocks carved by Takano Shichinosuke and printed by Ono Tomisaburo.


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