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Obata, Chiura (1885 - 1975), "Upper Lyell Fork, near Lyell Glacier"

"Upper Lyell Fork, near Lyell Glacier" by Obata, Chiura
Catalog ID A1135
Artist Chiura Obata
Title Upper Lyell Fork, near Lyell Glacier
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title World Series (The Sierra)
Date (1930)
Publisher Takamizawa Color-Print Company, Tokyo
Reference No Obata's Yosemite, pg.52
Size 18 x 13 -1/2 (sheet)
Condition Very fine.
Price $8900.00
Shipping (US) $39.00
Shipping (Non-US) $140.00

Notes: Takamizawa Studio imprint on the reverse.

In his notebook, Obata states, "Tiny water drops that drip from the glaciers in the High Sierra collect themselves into a body of clear blue crystalline water and dash down the mountainside as the Lyell Fork."