Glossary of Terms

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Letter C

Carp (koi): symbol of great aspirations and strength, often represented leaping a waterfall.

Catfish (namazu): Traditionally thought to be the cause of earthquakes.

Cats (neko): often credited with supernatural powers.

Cha-no-yu: the tea ceremony.

Chambara: sword fighting in Kabuki dramas.

Chapbook: name used for the publications of popular literature, cheap in price and illustrated with woodblock prints.

Chaya (-jaya): a teahouse or restaurant.

Chidori: a plover.

Chirimen-e: a creped print, reduced in size by crinkling between two beveled boards.

Choki-bune: a small open boat.

Ch˘nin (Townsmen): the term included the artisan and merchant class who lived in the urban centers of the Edo period.

Chozu-bachi: a water cistern, basin for washing hands.

Chrysanthemum: a symbol of purity. The 16-petal variety is the Imperial badge.

Chűban: a medium print size 10 x 7-1/2 inches (26 x 19 cm).

Chűgen: a samurai's manservant.

Chukei: a large folding fan.

Crane: a symbol of longevity.

Crow (karasu): thought to be a messenger of the gods.

Cuckoo: a symbol of summer.

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