Glossary of Terms

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Letter D

Daibutsu: giant statues of Budda.

Daigaku: university.

Daijin: a minister of state.

Daikoku-mai: a festive dance.

Daikon: a large radish.

Daimyo: a major feudal.

Dango: a dumpling.

Daruma: see Bodhidharma.

Deer: symbol of longevity.

Dosa: a preparation applied to paper or silk as a sizing agent.

Doton-bori: the Osaka theater district.

Dragon (ryu): a concept imported from China, the dragon is full of remarkable powers, a sign of majesty and high aspirations; depicted ascending in clouds across Mt. Fuji, it is a symbol of success in life.

Dragonfly (akitsu): a symbol of Japan and of victory.

Dreams (yume): New year's dreams of Mt. Fuji, falcons, and eggplants were considered lucky omens.

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