Glossary of Terms

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Letter E

E-goyomi: a pictorial calendar with concealed symbols denoting the long and short months.

E-zoshi: an illustrated novelette or booklet.

Ebisu: one of the Seven Gods of Luck, guardian of fisherman.

Edo: early name of Tky and of the historical period 1600-1868.

Edori-bon: early printed books with hand-colored illustrations.

Ehon (Picture books): Books in which a greater emphasis has been placed on pictures than text.

Ema: votive painting, dedicated to shrines and temples.

Emaki: see emakimono.

Emakimono: horizontal scroll painting.

Emma: in Buddhist iconography, a king of hell, who pronounces judgment on the dead.

Engawa: a porch, veranda, or balcony.

Eshi: a master painter.

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