Glossary of Terms

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Letter I

Ibuki-yama: a mountain in Omi, the scene of several legendary tales.

Ichiri-zuke: highway milestones.

Ieyasu (1542 1616): member of the Tokugawa family; prominent in the armies of Nobunaga, became master of Japan after Hideyoshi's death; founder and greatest head of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Inari: popular god of rice and crops; often symbolized as a fox.

Inrô: a small box, usually of lacquer, for holding drugs or ointment, carried at the waist by men of the Edo period.

Ippai: print editions; the number of prints printed in one batch (historically 200).

Iro-ita: the color block(s) used in polychrome printing.

Ishidoro: a stone lantern.

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