Glossary of Terms

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Letter N

Naga-e (naga-ban): a long, narrow print, about 20 x 9 inches.

Nagasaki-e (Nagasaki pictures): souvenir prints made at Nagasaki which primarily represent foreigners and their ships.

Namban (literally, "southern barbarian"): a term applied to the first Europeans to appear in Japan (mid-16th century).

Netsuke: toggle used in suspending an inr or a tobacco pouch from the obi.

Nihon: Japan.

Nihonbashi: the bridge in the center of Edo, starting point of the Tokaido highway.

Nihonga (Japanese-style painting): a Meiji-period and later style based in traditional Japanese painting which employed ink and watercolor on silk and paper.

Nishiki-e (Brocade pictures): prints which employ multiple color blocks of more than ten colors.

N (or Noh): classical drama of the aristocratic classes. Contrary to Kabuki, N was not regularly portrayed on prints. N is characterized by its use of masks.

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