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Obata, Chiura (1885 - 1975), "Godaido Island in Matsushima Park - Original Painting"

arrow-left arrow right "Godaido Island in Matsushima Park - Original Painting" by Obata, Chiura
Catalog ID A2679
Artist Chiura Obata
Title Godaido Island in Matsushima Park - Original Painting
Medium Original Watercolor on Silk
Series Title Japan
Edition Original Painting on Silk
Date c.1950s
Publisher The Artist
Reference No Uncataloged Original Painting
Size 18 x 23 " (painting); 23 x 28 " (matted)
Condition Very fine, with fresh colors.

Notes: Signed in ink by the artist; artist's red seal lower left corner. Still attached to the original mounting board; with acid-free matte for presentation purposes. Provenance: Originally in the private collection of an ex-student of Mr. Obata.

A dramatic work, capturing the elegant beauty of the surrounding area of Godaido Island in Matsushima Park. A scarce subject matter for the artist; as is other locations within Japan. Obata organized tours to Japan beginning in 1953, and it is likely that he visited the park with tour members and painted this work at the site.

A scarce, painting on silk of an important Japanese topographical scene. This view, a favorite one with artists, including Hasui, is acknowledged as one of the three most well-known beauty spots in Japan.

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