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Yoshida, Hiroshi (1876 -1950) Posthumous, "Sailing Boats - Morning (Toku Seal)"

arrow-left arrow right "Sailing Boats - Morning (Toku Seal)" by Yoshida, Hiroshi
Catalog ID A4143
Artist Hiroshi Yoshida
Title Sailing Boats - Morning (Toku Seal)
Medium Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Sailing Boats - Inland Sea
Edition Toku Seal (Special Printing)
Date (1926) c.1950's
Publisher The Yoshida Family Studio
Reference No Abe #40
Size 21 -3/4 x 15 -3/4 " (over-sized)
Condition Very fine.
Price $2500.00
Shipping (US) $45.00
Shipping (Non-US) $95.00

Notes: Notes: Toku Seal (Special Printing), in upper left margin. Embossed signature in the lower right margin. Main title ("Sailing Boats") is signed in pencil and the word, "Morning" is embossed.

Posthumous printings were produced using the same number of blocks and impressions as the original, pencil signed examples. In his 1939 book, the artist notes that 15 blocks and 24 impressions were used.