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Yoshitoshi (1839 - 1892), "The Story Of Tamiya Botaro"

arrow-left arrow right "The Story Of Tamiya Botaro" by Yoshitoshi
Catalog ID A2406
Artist Yoshitoshi
Title The Story Of Tamiya Botaro
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title A New Selection of Eastern Brocade
Date 1886
Publisher Tsunashima
Reference No
Size 15 x 19 -3/4 " (diptych)
Condition Fine, with fresh colors.
Price $1800.00
Shipping (US) $59.00
Shipping (Non-US) $180.00
Sale Price $1350.00

Notes: Full margins with fresh colors throughout.

The father of Tamiya Botaro was murdered by a jealous fencing master in 1624. Nurse Otsuji takes care of him as a boy. She is hauling water from a well.

The series 'Shinsen azuma nishike-e' was published between 1885 amd 1889, and the designs are based on episodes from kabuki plays.