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Hiroshige (1797 - 1858), "Twilight Moon at Ryogoku Bridge"

arrow-left arrow right "Twilight Moon at Ryogoku Bridge" by Hiroshige
Catalog ID A1963
Artist Hiroshige
Title Twilight Moon at Ryogoku Bridge
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Prints
Series Title Thirty-Six Famous Views Of The Eastern Capital
Date 1831-32
Publisher Kawaguchiya Shozo
Reference No MFA Boston
Size 10 -1/2 x 15 -1/4 "
Condition Fine; toned margins.
Price $5500.00
Shipping (US) $45.00
Shipping (Non-US) $95.00

Notes: Hiroshige is able to perfectly capture the atmospheric feeling of day into night through the distant glow of the image. The huge wooden supports over the Sumida River helps center the viewer's eye within this most unique work. From The Thirty-Six Famous Views of The Eastern Capital - Twilight Moon at Ryogoku Bridge is one of Hiroshige's finest designs from the Edo Series.

A dramatic early print that pre-dates the 53 Station Tokaido Series.