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Hasui, Kawase (1883 - 1957), "Clearing after a Snowfall, Yoshida (over-sized)"

arrow-left arrow right "Clearing after a Snowfall, Yoshida (over-sized)" by Hasui, Kawase
Catalog ID A4153
Artist Kawase Hasui
Title Clearing after a Snowfall, Yoshida (over-sized)
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title
Edition First - Ono Gintaro (Seal A)
Date 1944
Publisher S. Watanabe Color Print Co.
Reference No Hotei #471b
Size 20 x 14 -1/2 " (dai-oban format)
Condition Very fine.
Price $14000.00
Shipping (US) $45.00
Shipping (Non-US) $95.00

Notes: A seldom seen state, not shown in the Hotei catalog. The seal of the block-cutter, Ono Gintaro (Seal A) in the lower right margin.

For cataloging purposes, we list this impression as: #471b. The printer, Ono Gintaro was in charge of the Watanabe shop in Tokyo during the bombing raids by the allied forces during the latter period of WWII. He included his publisher's seal on each print completed during this span.

During wartime, the shin-hanga movement declined as the military government tightened its control over the arts and culture. In 1939, the Army Art Association was established under the patronage of the Army Information Section to promote war art exclusively. By 1943, an official commission for war painting was set up and artists’ materials were rationed. Overseas market for Japanese prints declined drastically at the same time, causing less interest and fewer prints being produced during this period.

"Narazaki believes that, 'A painterly feel is seen in the detailed illustration of the trees in the snow. There are two figures of an old man and a child. When it was published, this work received public acclaim and substantial numbered were sold. At the time prints normally sold for three yen, but because this work was a toku-oban [special or oversized oban format] it went for eight yen". - Hotei Vol.1, pg.119