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Williams, Brian (b. 1950)

Brian Williams decided along ago to pursue a career as an artist. He devoted himself to the study of the traditional Japanese techniques, as well as that of the newer western printing techniques like lithography or etching. He also painted in oil and watercolor. His name recognition grew after some small exhibitions of his work. In 1978 after a large solo exhibition, however, Williams became the most important American artist in Japan. Many exhibitions have since brought Williams considerable fame not only in Japan but also in the world. This did not however dissuade the artist from his philosophy of life. He leads a modest existence with his family in an old, restored traditional farmer's house. He is valued as an artist and admired as a human being. He constantly appears on Japanese television not only as an expert on art but also as an advocate for the environment and nature. The love of Nature - of the untouched like of the inhabited - led him to the most awe-inspiring places of the world. In 1993, Williams climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) with his daughter, crossed the Taklamakan Desert in western China, wandered through Nepal, where he scaled the Island Peak (6189m) and visited the Everest Base Camp (5400m). Williams naturally always traveled with his artistic tools, with which he not only completed pictures but also produced sketches and other materials for works to be completed later in the studio. Although he loves most to work in the presence of nature, the elaborate printing techniques necessitate the technical transformation in a studio.