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Yoshida, Hodaka (1926 - 1995)

Hodaka Yoshida was born into the Yoshida house; a family which today embodies creative excellence over four generations of artists & printmakers - and is a name within Japanese cultural arts which arguably symbolizes a single-family art movement in its own right. Establishing a career defined by significant artistic autonomy and independence, Hodaka’s works were a stark contrast to those of his brother Toshi Yoshida who naturally adopted a style & methodology alike to that of HIS FAther’s renowned Yoshida studio. Hodaka’s prints reflect distinct phases of approach, inspired by travel and the exposure to new cultures and foreign art. Often working abstractly - as Hodaka’s use of colour, subject matter, and design methods changed, Hodaka not only worked with woodblocks, but also silkscreen, lithograph, etching, and photographic mediums.