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Sawada, Tetsuro (1935 - 1999)

Born in Hokkaido, Sawada graduated from Musashimo Art University where he majored in Western painting. In 1960 he began painting abstract oils and in 1973 began producing lithographs and then silkscreen prints. For two years in the early 1960's, he traveled in North and South America and in 1969 studied in France and Spain. In 1980 he won a prize at the Norway International Print Biennial. His works were included in exhibitions in Tokyo, Seattle and San Francisco.

Often referred to as "the skyscape artist", Sawada has achieved the technique of "bokashi" (shading) which is most difficult in the the silkscreen medium. Sawada inked and self-printed all of his own prints and accomplished a striking juxtaposition of matte and shiny colors; a clean, stylistic precision which is stark and yet beautiful.

His works are in numerous collections, including the British Museum, Cleveland Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum and the Honolulu Academy of Art.