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Azechi, Umetaro (1902 - 1999), "Mountaineer"

"Mountaineer" by Azechi, Umetaro
Catalog ID 7931
Artist Umetaro Azechi
Title Mountaineer
Medium Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title
Edition First. #16/50
Date 1953
Publisher Self Carved, Printed & Published
Reference No Statler - 1959, pl. 81
Size 16-3/4 x 12
Condition Very fine. Custom framed; museum glass.

Notes: The most iconic "Mountaineer" print by Azechi. Illustrated in Oliver Statler's classic book, "Modern Japanese Prints, An Art Reborn", 1959, plate #81. The author notes Azechi used 5 blocks of plywood, faced with shina, and 9 printing stages. The pigments were poster color for the black background and watercolors for the rest of the print, and was printed on torinoko paper.

Azechi was well known as a alpinist and essayist on subjects related to mountains.

PROVENANCE: An American, Fulbright scholar who lived in Japan between 1953-54 and met Azechi, Sekino, Munakata and others during his residency in Tokyo. Purchased in 1953, the year of publication. By descent in his family. Custom, conservation framed by the collector.

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