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Takahashi, Rikio (1917 - 1977), "Niwa (Daybreak) - C"

arrow-left arrow right "Niwa (Daybreak)  - C" by Takahashi, Rikio
Catalog ID 8521
Artist Rikio Takahashi
Title Niwa (Daybreak) - C
Medium Limited Edition Woodblock Print, with blind-stamped embossing
Series Title Niwa
Edition 15/50
Date 1980
Publisher The Artist
Reference No
Size 24 x 18 -1/2 " (sheet)
Condition Very fine, apart for a few, faint handling creases.

Notes: Titled, signed, dated & numbered in pencil by the artist.

The influence of Koshiro Onchi, with whom the artist worked as a member of the original Creative Print movement, is clearly seen in this print. Using watercolor inks, Takahashi overlapped blocks to achieve a striking feeling of flow and movement.

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