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Hamaguchi, Yozo (1909 - 2000), "Violet Butterfly"

"Violet Butterfly" by Hamaguchi, Yozo
Catalog ID 8248
Artist Yozo Hamaguchi
Title Violet Butterfly
Medium Colored Mezzotint Etching
Series Title Butterfly
Edition H.C. (hors commerce) ed.145
Date 1982 -89
Publisher The artist
Reference No Hamaguchi pl. 170-4
Size 1 -3/4 x 1 -3/4 " (image); 4 x 4 " (sheet)
Condition Very fine.

Notes: Signed in pencil by the artist, and inscribed; "H. C." (hors commerce).

"H.C." are traditionally works printed with the regular edition for use by the artist for business and exhibitions.

Hamaguchi is regarded as one of the finest mezzotint artists in history, and his works are in museums world-wide.

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