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Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880 - 1921), "Woman with Hand Towel (Tenugui moteru onna)"

arrow-left arrow right "Woman with Hand Towel (Tenugui moteru onna)" by Goyo, Hashiguchi
Catalog ID A2187
Artist Hashiguchi Goyo
Title Woman with Hand Towel (Tenugui moteru onna)
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title
Date 1920
Publisher The Artist
Reference No The New Wave: pg. 131; #136. The Female Image: pg. 44; #19
Size 17 -3/4 x 11 -3/4 " (Dai oban tate-e)
Condition Fine; foxing throughout background.

Notes: Artist red square seal on front, l.l. Red vertical printer's seal, on reverse: Imai Danshi. Goyo stated this image was taken of a Shinbashi district geisha by the name of Hisae.

A scarce and highly desirable pre-earthquake bijin-e design by Goyo.

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