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Nakagawa, Hachiro (1877 - 1922), "Temple in the Rain"

"Temple in the Rain" by Nakagawa, Hachiro
Catalog ID A0481
Artist Hachiro Nakagawa
Title Temple in the Rain
Medium Watercolor on paper
Series Title
Date 1905
Reference No
Size 17 -1/2 x 26 "
Condition Fine.

Notes: Signed and dated in ink in the lower right: "N. Nakagawa. 1905".

Born in Ehime-ken; Nakagawa lived in Tokyo. A pupil of Matsubara Sangoro and Koyama Shotaro, Nakagawa traveled to Europe in 1899 to study. Known for his Western-style paintings, in 1902 he founded the Taikeiyo Gankai and returned to Europe again in 1903. He also traveled to America during his career to study and continue painting.

A frequent exhibitor and prize winner at the Bunten. Specialized in painting landscapes in a romantic academic manner with some impressionist touches.

His works reside in numerous museum collections.

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