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Jacoulet, Paul (1896 - 1960), "The Two Adversaries. Korea"

arrow-left arrow right "The Two Adversaries. Korea" by Jacoulet, Paul
Catalog ID A2911
Artist Paul Jacoulet
Title The Two Adversaries. Korea
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Prints
Series Title Korea
Edition "PJ" Seal
Date 1950
Publisher The Artist - Privately Published
Reference No Miles #111 & #112
Size 18 -3/4 x 14 "
Condition Fine, with superb colors.

Notes: Silver and gold flakes were added throughout the designs. Comes with both original studio folders; signed by Paul Jacoulet and individual dedication title slips. Slightly toned on the reverse from being kept in their original folders.

These two prints are part of Jacoulet's Dedication Series; the pair dedicated to ex-President Harry Truman. In his public dedication to President Truman, the artist expressed "gratitude for aid given so promptly on behalf of free Korea against being overrun by Communist forces".

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