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Kotondo, Torii (1900 - 1976), "Rain (Limited Edition) "

arrow-left arrow right "Rain (Limited Edition) " by Kotondo, Torii
Catalog ID A2840
Artist Torii Kotondo
Title Rain (Limited Edition)
Medium Original Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Beauties
Edition 34/300
Date 1929
Publisher Kawaguchi/Sakai
Reference No Female Image, #173
Size 18 -1/4 x 11 -3/4 "
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.

Notes: Edition number #34/300, on reverse. Embossed title in the lower margin reads, "Ami" ('Rain'). Dated and signed center right, "Showa yonnen jugatsu Kotondo ga" ('Showa 4 (1929), October, picture by Kotondo'), followed by rectangular artist's seal reading "Torii".

Embossed joint publisher's seal in the lower left margin of Sakai and Kawaguchi. Blocks carved by Ito and printed by Komatsu Wasakichi.

PROVENANCE: The William Schwed Family Estate.

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