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Hirosada (fl. 1844 - 1890), "Somewake Tazuna, Sono 3 (Kabuki Play)"

"Somewake Tazuna, Sono 3  (Kabuki Play)" by Hirosada
Catalog ID 8169
Artist Hirosada
Title Somewake Tazuna, Sono 3 (Kabuki Play)
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Prints
Series Title Oaska Actors
Date 1850's
Reference No
Size 10 x 13 -3/4 " -two chuban prints forming a diptych.
Condition Fine, with metallic and urushi (black-lacquer) overprinting. Slightly soiled. Retains the original album backing.

Notes: Richard Lane notes that Osaka-e prints are, "characterized by a brilliance of coloring and impeccable printing."

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