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Sasajima, Kihei (1906 - 1993), "Stone Path (E)"

"Stone Path (E)" by Sasajima, Kihei
Catalog ID 8489
Artist Kihei Sasajima
Title Stone Path (E)
Medium Limited Edition Woodblock Print, Hand-Inked with Sumi-e.
Series Title Stone Path
Edition 19/50
Date 1971
Publisher The Artist
Reference No
Size 16 -3/4 x 11 -3/4 " (image); 19 x 13 -1/2 " (sheet)
Condition Very fine. The printing creases in the margins are common in prints by the artist, due to the heavy pressure used to force the damp paper into the grooves of the carved woodblock. Strong blind-stamped embossing.

Notes: A strong example which clearly shows the influence of Unichi Hiratsuka and Shiko Munakata, with whom Sasajima studied in the 1930's.

Numbered, dated, titled and signed in pencil by the artist. Artist's red seal at the lower right.

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