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Miller, Lilian (1895 - 1943), "Autumn Maples from a Garden in Nikko - Original Painting"

arrow-left arrow right "Autumn Maples from a Garden in Nikko - Original Painting" by Miller, Lilian
Catalog ID A2619
Artist Lilian Miller
Title Autumn Maples from a Garden in Nikko - Original Painting
Medium Original Watercolors on Paper
Series Title Japan - Nikko
Edition First and only.
Date 1935
Publisher The Artist - Privately Published
Reference No Uncatalogued; original paintings
Size 9 -1/4 x 9 -1/4 "
Condition Fine; toned.

Notes: Signed and dated in watercolor by the artist. Titled and signed in pencil on reverse. A comparison work is shown on page 31 of, Between Two Worlds, The Life and Art of Lilian Miller. This watercolor was completed right before her eventual move to Honolulu; at the very height of her career.

In February 11, 1931, Miller explains how she has been enchanted by Kyoto and must stay for a while to make sketches and paintings because her print-making tools are still in Seoul. By August 25 of that year Miller explains how she is "slowly evolving a new style of watercolor - part Japanese and part me - something I've never tried before." She admits that these pretty scenes of Japanese gardens sell well...she must continue to make watercolors "in my new Japanese style" because "almost as fast as I paint them I sell them." (At this time) The Miyako Hotel also commissioned her to produce the five-foot long watercolor Springtime Over Kyoto. This furious production resulted in an exhibition of 85 watercolors at the Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo's fashionable Ginza district, held December 13-17, 1933. Between Two Worlds, The Life and Art of Lilian Miller - pgs. 30-33

Lilian Miller wrote, "I had a glorious time in Nikko and I adore every stone, wall, walk, tree, and grass blade in that place. Not to mention the mountains. Those mountains are all my friends now. I spent every day I could on the main range soaring to the sky. It did seem so wonderful to be myself again.

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