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Bartlett, Charles (1860 - 1940), "The Grandmother, Holland (Etching)"

arrow-left arrow right "The Grandmother, Holland (Etching)" by Bartlett, Charles
Catalog ID A1945
Artist Charles Bartlett
Title The Grandmother, Holland (Etching)
Medium Original Limited Edition Dry-point Etching
Series Title Europe - Holland
Edition First; Edition #56/75
Date 1912
Publisher The Artist - Privately Published
Reference No Miles #70
Size 8 x 6 -1/4 "
Condition Fine; attached to board/matte.
Price $1400.00
Shipping (US) $45.00
Shipping (Non-US) $95.00

Notes: SCARCE. Signed and numbered in graphite by the artist. "CWB" monogram in plate. Bartlett would often paint and sell his etchings at the ship port to visitors, with an option of black and white or colored versions.

Since Bartlett was indifferent to the dating of his etchings, we cannot know for certain the order of their production, but clearly he became more bold and free with his work as the years passed. As stated by Miles, "The rare and rarely seen hand-colored etchings can now take their deserved place as Bartlett's collective masterwork".