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Shinsui, Ito (1898 - 1972), "Clock and Beauty II "

arrow-left arrow right "Clock and Beauty II " by Shinsui, Ito
Catalog ID A0427
Artist Ito Shinsui
Title Clock and Beauty II
Medium Original Japanese Wooblock Print
Series Title Clock and Beauties
Edition First
Date 1964
Publisher Commissioned by Hotta Corporation of Japan.
Reference No The Female Image #99.
Size 14 x 10 -3/4 "
Condition Very fine.

Notes: From the 1960's series of four prints, commissioned by the Hotta Corporation of fine watches/jewelry. The series depicts clocks and various beauties in different periods of attire. The series was either used to promote the sale of their merchandise or presented as gifts to various clients for a short period of time.

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