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Hasui, Kawase (1883 - 1957), "Minuma River, Ōmiya"

arrow-left arrow right "Minuma River, Ōmiya" by Hasui, Kawase
Catalog ID A2939
Artist Kawase Hasui
Title Minuma River, Ōmiya
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title One Hundred Views of New Tokyo
Edition S. Watanabe Seal
Date 1930
Publisher S. Watanabe Color Print Co.
Reference No Hotei #208
Size 15 -1/2 x 10 -1/4 "
Condition Very fine.

Notes: "Made in Japan", paper label on the reverse. A rarely seen 1930s nocturnal design.

According to Narazaki, 'The subject of this piece is reminiscent of the well-known work, 'Fireflies in Ochanomizu' by the artist Kobayashi Kiyochika. The composition is unified by its dark tones. Two stars sparkle in the sky and fireflies, sprinkling the sky like stars, dance along the pitch-dark riverside. In the center ground, a light shines through the shoji door of a farmhouse in the shadow of the woods, the reflection flickering on the surface of the water'.

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