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Hiroshige (1797 - 1858), "Suruga Satsuta no Kaijo"

arrow-left arrow right "Suruga Satsuta no Kaijo" by Hiroshige
Catalog ID A1921
Artist Hiroshige
Title Suruga Satsuta no Kaijo
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title 36 Views of Mount Fuji
Date 1858
Publisher Tsuta-ya Kichizo
Reference No
Size 14 -1/2 x 10 "
Condition Fine, with fresh colors.

Notes: The wave-beaten coast of Oya-shirazu at Satta on the west side of Suruga Bay has already been encountered in several other designs by Hiroshige, but this is undoubtedly his most forceful evocation of the place - Hiroshige's tribute to Hokusai's 'Great Wave' and also a version of Hokusai's illustration 'Fuji from the Sea' ('Kaijo no Fuji') from volume two of 'One Hundred Views of Mt Fuji' of 1835. From the former, Hiroshige takes the visual trick of a wave seeming to crash down on a distant object - here a boat rather than Mt Fuji; and from the latter, the idea of a flock of startled plovers scattering like foam. The comparisons are revealing. Hokusai animates the cusps of foam into myriad tentacles, each with its own individual shape: Hiroshige is much more restrained and leaves them as a repeating white fringe. The power of the idea is not permitted to upset the careful balance of forms, drawn from the repertoire of motifs -boats, waves, pines, Fuji - that Hiroshige had built up over decades, to be ever-inventively combined and re-combined.

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