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Lum, Bertha (1869 - 1954), "Wedding Banners (Procession)"

arrow-left arrow right "Wedding Banners (Procession)" by Lum, Bertha
Catalog ID A2170
Artist Bertha Lum
Title Wedding Banners (Procession)
Medium Raised Line and Hand-Colored Woodblock Print
Series Title Raised Line
Edition First and only.
Date 1924
Publisher The Artist
Reference No Gravalos/Pulin: cat. 88; pg. 83
Size 17 -3/4 x 23 -1/2 " (over-sized)
Condition Good, with fresh colors.
Price $1500.00
Shipping (US) $0.00
Shipping (Non-US) $0.00

Notes: Toned on reverse and areas of crackling throughout; as is the norm with her raised line designs. Priced accordingly.

Signed in pencil by artist. Only a handful of examples were produced due to the time to create such a technical work in the artist's "raised-line" technique. An estimated edition of 67 were produced of the regular woodcut design, with far fewer raised line examples. An impressive over-sized original raised line print; more then double the size of the regular woodcut version.

In the 1920's, Bertha Lum worked with a new type of print-making style, now referred to as, raised line printing. Lum would mold wet paper over a carved wooden block and hand-paint the embossed paper using the raised lines to define the areas of colors. Her raised line prints often had significant variations in colors and are very seldom found for sale.

For a little while she lived in Japan, before settling in Peking in 1922, near the Forbidden City. She lived in a house that had formerly belonged to the Prince Tzu, son of the Emperor Tao Kuang.