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Yoshiiku, Utagawa (1833 - 1904), "Water Bucket - Imayo Nazorae Genji"

arrow-left arrow right "Water Bucket - Imayo Nazorae Genji" by Yoshiiku, Utagawa
Catalog ID 9108
Artist Utagawa Yoshiiku
Title Water Bucket - Imayo Nazorae Genji
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Contemporary Allusions to The Tale of the Genji.
Edition First
Date 1864
Publisher Omiya Kyubei
Reference No #5 in the series
Size 14 -1/2 x 10 "
Condition Very fine with bright, fresh colors. Slightly wrinkled in top margin, not effecting the design. Full margins.

Notes: Signed: "Ikkeisai Yoshiiku ga".

The actor Hanakawado Sukeroku, portraying Soga Goro in the Kabuki story, hides in a large water bucket. The silhouette of a passing courtesan is seen in the background.

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