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Shotei, Takahashi (1871 - 1945), "Mt. Fuji from Kiyomigata (Aizuri-e)"

arrow-left arrow right "Mt. Fuji from Kiyomigata (Aizuri-e)" by Shotei, Takahashi
Catalog ID A2876
Artist Takahashi Shotei
Title Mt. Fuji from Kiyomigata (Aizuri-e)
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title
Edition First and only.
Date c.1936
Publisher S. Watanabe Color Print Co.
Reference No 1936 S. Watanabe catalog: #583
Size 15 -1/4 x 6 -1/2 "
Condition Very fine.

Notes: SCARCE. This design is listed in the 1936 S. Watanabe catalog as number 583: "Mt. Fuji from Kiyomi-gata (Monocolour)"; but was only printed in an extremely small quantity. The work was a last minute inclusion in the mitsugiri-ban Shotei/Hiroaki print section of the 1936 catalog.

Per Marc Kahn, from "My theory is that it was a design that was planned to be produced at about the same time the S. Watanabe catalog was being finalized, but the print was never actually published. I exchanged emails with Shoichiro Watanabe about it and he seemed to agree with my theory. However, it's clear that it was published after all. It probably wasn't that popular compared to the multi-colored works, so I suspect that it only had a single print run; which is why it is so rare".

Aizuri-e "blue printed picture", refers to Japanese woodblock prints that are printed entirely or predominantly in blue. The development of aizuri-e was associated with the import of the pigment Prussian blue from Europe in the 1820s.

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