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Toyokuni III (1786 - 1865), "Kume no Heinaizaemon Nagamori"

arrow-left arrow right "Kume no Heinaizaemon Nagamori" by Toyokuni III
Catalog ID A1301
Artist Toyokuni III
Title Kume no Heinaizaemon Nagamori
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Ki Jutsu Kyo
Edition First
Date 1863
Publisher Hiranoya Shinz┼Ź
Reference No
Size 14 -1/2 x 10 "
Condition Fine, with fresh colors.
Price $1400.00
Shipping (US) $59.00
Shipping (Non-US) $180.00

Notes: A Toyokuni III (Kunisada) series where he placed actors in mystical/magic scenes from old tales - designed and completed from 1861 to 1864. The actors performed these tales in kabuki plays, often going back for many years. Actor played by: Asao Kuzaemon III.