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Toyokuni III (1786 - 1865), "Ichikawa Danjuro VII as Oniitsu Hogen"

arrow-left arrow right "Ichikawa Danjuro VII as Oniitsu Hogen" by Toyokuni III
Catalog ID 9348
Artist Toyokuni III
Title Ichikawa Danjuro VII as Oniitsu Hogen
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Analogues from the Thirty-six Poets
Date 1852
Publisher Isekane; carved by Yokogawa Hori Take
Reference No MFA Boston; Waseda University Museum
Size 13 -1/2 x 9 -3/8 "
Condition Fine. Blind-stamped embossing on white hair and beard. Slightly trimmed.
Price $595.00
Shipping (US) $59.00
Shipping (Non-US) $180.00

Notes: Young Yoshisune obtained a secret hand-scroll from Oniitsu, a military strategist, by disguising himsellf as a gardener and wooing his daughter. The verse by Daichunagan Yorimoto mentions autumn, the season in which the display of chrysanthamums shown in this design bloom.

Signed: "Toyokuni-ga".

All referenced copies are slightly trimmed.