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Jacoulet, Paul (1896 - 1960), "The Little Thieves (Limited Edition)"

arrow-left arrow right "The Little Thieves (Limited Edition)" by Jacoulet, Paul
Catalog ID A2909
Artist Paul Jacoulet
Title The Little Thieves (Limited Edition)
Medium Original Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock Prints
Series Title Korea
Edition First and only; #5/350 (matching set)
Date 1959
Publisher The Artist - Privately Published
Reference No Miles: #156 & #157
Size 18 -3/4 x 14 "
Condition Mint, with superb colors.

Notes: Very Rare matching set - #5/350 single edition printing. Fewer than 75 pairs completed. The set displays harmonious pastel colors in the background and embossing within the Elder's robe. Carver: Maeda Kentaro. Printer: Honda Tetsunosuke.

Miles states, "This set, which was Jacoulet's favorite in his last year, is rare in matched sets with the same edition number. Several subscribers kept the old man and got rid of the little thieves. Known intact pairs number fewer than thirty. The same models used in many of the Korean scenes are here employed in a subtly different way that emphasizes the distance between the elderly and the young. The background is particularly well printed, but the overall effect is spartan when compared with earlier prints made from drawings of the same period. There is a brave touch of gofun on the white areas". - Miles pg. 124.

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