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Yamakawa, Shuho (1898 - 1944), "Dusk (Fujo Yondai - Tasogare)"

arrow-left arrow right "Dusk (Fujo Yondai - Tasogare)" by Yamakawa, Shuho
Catalog ID A0801
Artist Shuho Yamakawa
Title Dusk (Fujo Yondai - Tasogare)
Medium Original Japanese Woodbllock Print
Series Title Four Images of Women
Date 1928
Publisher Bijutsusha
Reference No Female Image, #155
Size 15 -1/4 x 10 1/4 "
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.

Notes: Signed at upper right, "Shuho" with artist's seal. A subtle design surrounded by a delicate mica background.

'Together with Ito Shinsui, Kobayakawa Kiyoshi and Torii Kotondo, Shuho is counted among Kiyokata's outstanding students in the bijinga genre, particularly in his delicate illustrations of traditional dancers. Shuho made his artistic debut in 1919 with the display of his work in the official Teiten exhibition. As a print designer, Shuho produced approximately 20 prints in the 1920s and 30s with the publishers Watanabe Shozaburo and the Bijutsusha, all of which date from the early Showa period. His prints are sumptuous both in color and technique. In this design, Shuho has created this image of a beauty holding a fan using the bokashi technique on the fan and the hair which is worn in an elaborate formal style called the takashimada (a style developed by the courtesans of Shimada).' The New Wave; pg. 179

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