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Shinsui, Ito (1898 - 1972), "Mt. Fuji, Drawn at the Hakone Lookout "

arrow-left arrow right "Mt. Fuji, Drawn at the Hakone Lookout " by Shinsui, Ito
Catalog ID A2352
Artist Ito Shinsui
Title Mt. Fuji, Drawn at the Hakone Lookout
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Three Views of Mount Fuji
Edition First
Date 1938
Publisher The S. Watanabe Publishing Co.
Reference No
Size 14 -3/4 x 21 -3/4 " (Large dai-oban)
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.

Notes: S. Watanabe publisher seal; lower right margin. A scarce 1930's large dai-oban size scene by the artist.

In July 1939 Watanabe organized an exhibition of Shinsui's work at his print shop. In November, after travelling through China, Shinsui returned to Japan and together with Yamakawa Shuho founded the Seikinkai (Blue Collar Society). In forming the society, Shinsui and Shuho hoped to stimulate a greater revival of figural painting. At the same time however, Shinsui did not ignore his interests in landscape genre, and he produced a series of three prints illustrating Mount Fuji in 1938-39. Each of the views that Shinsui has chosen to document are taken from locations in the Hakone region and on the Izu peninsula; both of these areas are located west of Mount Fuji. The three views depicted in this series include a view from the vicinity of the port city of Numazu, situated in the north-western corner of the Izu peninsula; from the beach, Mitohama. - The New Wave; pg. 193.

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