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Toyokuni III (1786 - 1865), "Nakamura Utaemon IV as Giguchi No Jiro"

arrow-left arrow right "Nakamura Utaemon IV as Giguchi No Jiro" by Toyokuni III
Catalog ID 9217
Artist Toyokuni III
Title Nakamura Utaemon IV as Giguchi No Jiro
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Anologues for the Thirty-six Poets
Edition First
Date 1852
Publisher Iseya Kanekichi
Reference No MFA Boston, Tokyo Metro Library & Waseda University Museum
Size 13 -1/2 x 9 "
Condition Fine. Trimmed.
Price $495.00
Shipping (US) $59.00
Shipping (Non-US) $180.00

Notes: The print depicts Jiro hiding from his pursuers in a tall pine tree. The poem by Chunagon Kanesuke describes the ancient pine tree at Takasago.

Bust portraits of actors matched with classical poets

The examples in all three referenced collections are also trimmed.