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Hasui, Kawase (1883 - 1957), "Matsue, Izumo"

arrow-left arrow right "Matsue, Izumo" by Hasui, Kawase
Catalog ID A2006
Artist Kawase Hasui
Title Matsue, Izumo
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Souvenirs of Travel, Third Series
Edition First
Date 1924
Publisher S. Watanabe Color Print Co.
Reference No Hotei #124b
Size 15 -1/2 x 10 -1/4 "
Condition Very fine.

Notes: The only impression/state that includes a crescent moon in the night's sky; while also removing the clouds. Embossing throughout haze in horizon. Toledo Museum catalog states, "Edition, 200 impressions".

Narazaki explains that 'The residents of Matsue are, like this former castle town of the feudal lords of Unshu [Izumo] province, modest and refined. The scenery too is beautiful, and the area is known as the suigo ('riverside district') There are three versions of this print: 'An overcast day' [124], 'Hazy Moon' [124a] and 'New Moon' [124b]. - Hotei Vol. 1; pg. 70

The city of Matsue is the capital of Shimane prefecture; during the Tokugawa period (1600-1868) it was a castle town.

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