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Hasui, Kawase (1883 - 1957), "Mount Fuji, After Snowfall in Oshiono"

arrow-left arrow right "Mount Fuji, After Snowfall in Oshiono" by Hasui, Kawase
Catalog ID A1790
Artist Kawase Hasui
Title Mount Fuji, After Snowfall in Oshiono
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title
Edition Edition of 50 - First and only.
Date 1952
Publisher S. Watanabe Color Print Co.
Reference No Hotei #571
Size 20 x 14 -1/4 " (Large dai-oban format)
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.

Notes: Exceedingly RARE design. As stated in Hotei Vol. 1: ONLY 50 impressions were ever produced of this large dai-oban design.

Narazaki writes: 'A run of fifty was printed for this image on 7 September 1954. The foreground comprises a stand of trees and rural houses, and shadows are cast on a field of snow by tree branches to the left. The print shows a bright, tranquil rural scene during the chill of winter; the solitary figure of an old woman has been added as a detail. There has been an attempt to link the composition and color scheme with the Mount Fuji in 'Clearing after a snowfall, Yoshida' [Hotei #471]. They are identical even though almost ten years has passed since the production of that earlier design.' - Hotei Vol. 1 pg. 130

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