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Kunisada (1786 - 1864), "Portrait of a Geisha"

arrow-left arrow right "Portrait of a Geisha" by Kunisada
Catalog ID A1772
Artist Kunisada
Title Portrait of a Geisha
Medium Original Watercolor on Silk
Series Title
Edition Original Painting
Date c.1850's
Publisher The Artist
Reference No
Size 7 -1/2 x 8 " (shikishiban); 12 -3/4 x 13 -1/4 " (frame/matte)
Condition Very fine.

Notes: Showcased in a beautiful wood frame with rounded corners. Custom framed by Colonial, Greenwich Ave., Conn. Framer's stamp date: May 30th, 1989.

Provenance: Simon Sherman Gallery. 1623 Third Ave. Apt. 11E New York, NY 10028 East 92nd Street.

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