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Miller, Lilian (1895 - 1943), "Moonlight on Mt. Fuji"

arrow-left arrow right "Moonlight on Mt. Fuji" by Miller, Lilian
Catalog ID A2623
Artist Lilian Miller
Title Moonlight on Mt. Fuji
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Japan
Edition First and only.
Date 1928
Publisher The Artist - Privately Published
Reference No Brown: Fig. 79; Cat. 89
Size 11 x 16 "
Condition Fine, with superb colors.

Notes: Faint toning in margin. A rare artist proof of a seldom seen design by the artist. In this scene, Miller slightly alters the mountain in "Moonlight on Fujiyama" (Fig. 77), excises the tree but includes a sanpan boat on the glistening waters. A nocturne in blue and white, the print rivals the earlier work in both printing technique and ethereal beauty.

Lilian Miller wrote, "Over the soft blue stretches of the plain where the crickets weave their wistful evensong, and the cool night-fragrance of the shadowed earth freshens the jaded breeze, a crescent moon rides high with tilted prow, like a gleaming junk against the dusk, like a shining golden junk against the night, gliding through cobalt seas."

Provenance: Acquired directly from a descendant of the L.M. Miller family. This was accompanied with the entire family collection of remaining works; including original paintings, pencil sketches and one of a kind proofs.

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