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Jacoulet, Paul (1896 - 1960), "Les Aristoloches Geants. Tondano, Celebes"

arrow-left arrow right "Les Aristoloches Geants. Tondano, Celebes" by Jacoulet, Paul
Catalog ID A1799
Artist Paul Jacoulet
Title Les Aristoloches Geants. Tondano, Celebes
Medium Original Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title South Seas - Celebes
Edition 18/350 - Single Edition
Date 1953
Publisher The Artist
Reference No Miles #129
Size 18 -3/4 x 14 "
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.
Price $2400.00
Shipping (US) $59.00
Shipping (Non-US) $180.00

Notes: First Edition #18/350. Miles notes, "fewer than 100 impressions". Perfect silver metallic details on her dress and background.

With a shrinking subscriber list, Jacoulet reduced his impressions, and Miles states that, "All prints from #129 can be classified as scarce"; and that for this design, "Once the subscriber list was satisfied, the rest of the edition was left untouched, contributing to the rarity of this image".