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Koitsu, Tsuchiya (1870 - 1949), "(3) Print Commemoration Set - 2600th Year Emporer Reign"

arrow-left arrow right "(3) Print Commemoration Set - 2600th Year Emporer Reign" by Koitsu, Tsuchiya
Catalog ID A2924
Artist Tsuchiya Koitsu
Title (3) Print Commemoration Set - 2600th Year Emporer Reign
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Prints
Series Title 2600th Year Emporer Reign - Commemoration Set
Edition First and only.
Date c.1940
Publisher Shobido/Doi
Reference No Walker/Doi: Fig. 8.19; pg. 277
Size 10 -1/2 x 15 -1/2 "
Condition Fine.
Price $3400.00
Shipping (US) $45.00
Shipping (Non-US) $95.00

Notes: Complete with original folder; rare as issued. All three tipped to original boards.

1.) Koitsu, Tsuchiya, "Nijubashi Bridge" - published in 1939 ($1,600)
2.) Koitsu, Tsuchiya, "Kashihara Shrine" - published in 1940 ($1,600)
3.) Yamanaka Kodo, "Inner Shrine at Ise" - published in 1937 ($200)

Walker states, "These (Koitsu) prints contain no publisher seals, but they are thought to have been published by either Shobido or Doi Sadaichi. They are one of a number of prints commissioned by the war-time Government in order to unite the Japanese people in their war effort. As such, it was thought inappropriate to include publisher information directly on the print."