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Jacoulet, Paul (1896 - 1960), "Return from the Jungle"

arrow-left arrow right "Return from the Jungle" by Jacoulet, Paul
Catalog ID A2275
Artist Paul Jacoulet
Title Return from the Jungle
Medium Original Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title South Seas - Celebes
Edition #63/250
Date 1948
Publisher The Artist
Reference No Miles #90
Size 18 -1/2 x 14 "
Condition Very fine.

Notes: Elaborate gofun (white) overprinting on the vivid yellow head covering on the lower figure. Lip colors are mixed with a very fine coral powder to give an almost illuminated quality. Miles notes that, "this was the favorite multiple figure (print) with most critics".

The South Seas prints were all created from sketches and paintings done between 1929 and 1936. As late as 1959, these early works were being carved to produce new prints. Since many were lost because of World War II bombing of Tokyo, several of them are among the rarest and most desirable of all the artist's oeuvre. - Miles, pg. 128

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