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Miller, Lilian (1895 - 1943), "Nikko Gateway, Japan"

arrow-left arrow right "Nikko Gateway, Japan" by Miller, Lilian
Catalog ID A2618
Artist Lilian Miller
Title Nikko Gateway, Japan
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Japan - Nikko
Edition First and only.
Date 1928
Publisher The Artist - Privately Published
Reference No Brown: Fig. 59; Cat. 72
Size 15 x 10 -1/4 "
Condition Very fine, with superb colors.
Price $1800.00
Shipping (US) $45.00
Shipping (Non-US) $95.00

Notes: Miller's strongest prints combine a variety of striking formal effects even as they evoke the serene beauty of the Orient untouched by the modern world. This work depicts the site of her childhood summers and for all its nostalgic beauty, is a study in contrasts: the verticality of the tree trunks plays against the horizontal wall; the biomorphic foliage balances the geometric tree trunk and gate; and the red and green are all the more vibrant for the grey and brown. The print is dramatically spatial and tactile: the striations of the tree trunks, the tour de force gomazuri (sesame grinding) effect on the flat hillside, and the multiple textures of the three-dimensional wall and gate form a striking array of volumes and textures.

Provenance: Acquired directly from a descendant of the L.M. Miller family. This was accompanied with the entire family collection of remaining works; including original paintings, pencil sketches and one of a kind proofs.