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Hasui, Kawase - Small format (1883 - 1957), "Minatogawa Shrine, Kobe"

arrow-left arrow right "Minatogawa Shrine, Kobe" by Hasui, Kawase - Small format
Catalog ID 9882
Artist Kawase - Small format Hasui
Title Minatogawa Shrine, Kobe
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Shinto and its Architecture
Edition First
Date 1936
Publisher Akiyama Aisaburo
Reference No Hb-s8
Size 7 -3/4 x 4 -7/8 " (print); 10 x 6 -3/4 " (sheet)
Condition Mint.

Notes: Lightly tipped along the top margin of the original series page; with printed title below.

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