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Toyokuni II (1777 - 1835), "A Beauty Offering Candy to a Child"

arrow-left arrow right "A Beauty Offering Candy to a Child" by Toyokuni II
Catalog ID A1581
Artist Toyokuni II
Title A Beauty Offering Candy to a Child
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Five Modern Beauties (Tosei gonin bijo)
Date c.1830's
Publisher Maruya Seibei
Reference No
Size 15 x 10 "
Condition Good/Fine; creasing.

Notes: Aizuri-e "blue printed picture", refers to Japanese woodblock prints that are printed entirely or predominantly in blue. The development of aizuri-e was associated with the import of the pigment Prussian blue from Europe in the 1820s.

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