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Gakutei (1786 - 1868), "Moonlit View of Suehiro Bridge"

arrow-left arrow right "Moonlit View of Suehiro Bridge" by Gakutei
Catalog ID A2242
Artist Gakutei
Title Moonlit View of Suehiro Bridge
Medium Original Japanese Woodblock Print
Series Title Famous Places of Naniwa (Osaka). Views of Tempozan at a Glance.
Edition First, and only.
Date C.1834
Publisher Shiyoya Kisuke
Reference No Lane; "Images from the Floating World", #176; pg. 172
Size 9 -1/2 x 14 -3/4 " (Print) 16 x 23 " (Folder)
Condition Fine, with fresh colors.

Notes: Ex-collection of the Worcester Art Museum; as shown. Mounted by the Museum on archival backing. Tipped to original museum folder with their catalog stamp, "Japanese Print No. G645 Worcester Art Museum".

Richard Lane notes: "During his stay in Osaka, Gakutei produced a remarkable set of landscape prints, one shown here: a covered pleasure boat with geisha and guests being poled under the "Fan Bridge" as the autumn moon looms over the scene. The design and printing are detailed and immaculate, lying somewhere between ukiyo-e and surimono techniques, and the setting could easily be translated intact to a Kabuki stage."

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